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The standard assessment is a 24 Item Sentence Completion Test as used within the Ego-Development lineage of Jane Loevinger and Susanne Cook-Greuter. It includes the measurement of four developmental lines:

  1. The adaptive line or your cognitive mode;
  2. The differentiating line or your orientation towards character development and personal morals;
  3. The integrative line or your interpersonal skills and awareness of systems;
  4. The self-thematization line or your conscious preoccupation with universal.

Your report includes your most likely stage of Ego-Development as measured through the Model of Homeostatic Hierarchical Integration as well as each line depicted separately for comparison. We, too, offer a short comment about saliences and a direction for future development.

If you are interested in specific and personal feedback please check the respective box and comment your interest in the textbox. Then we include an analysis of your developmental strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats according to your field of interest.

At the moment we don`t have a complete set of stage descriptions through the lens of our model available. However, we offer a stage comparison with over a docent or so models of childhood and adult development which helps to navigate the territory you are at as good as possible.

Too, we offer a debrief via zoom that can help you to see more clearly where you are at and how you can both transcend your current state and include as well as broaden the trajectory you have already lived through.

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Roman Angerer

P.S.: If our prices are too high for you, feel free to ask for a discount on a debrief or personalized feedback that best fits your current financial situation.