The 3.2 Stage: Scoring Manual

Learn to Assess the Equivalent of Susanne Cook-Greuter`s Construct-Aware & Unitive Stages

This is a manual to assess the four Types and four Phases of the 3.2 Stage within my model.

If you take together the manual for the 3.1 Stage (see Blog) and this for the 3.2 Stage, you only have to figure out what is earlier than 3.1 and when complexity exceeds 3.2 and you are able to assess the same spectrum as Susanne Cook-Greuter`s MAP. However, at much greater granularity.

5/6 Construct-Aware: Habits of Heart vs. 3rd Qtr 3.2 Inside View

[Rheme One [My conscience bothers me] [if… I think I’ve made a decision or taken an action] [that violates my values,]] [Rheme Two [sometimes not recognizing this until afterwards,] [at which time I try to examine my underlying motives or,] [more likely, the unconscious fears or beliefs that drove what I did]].

5/6 Construct-Aware: Recognition of Constructed Nature of Reality vs. 1st Qtr. 3.2 Outside View

I feel sorry… for very few. [Rheme One [To feel sorry for someone] [is a judgment about others based often upon an assumption] [that is not the case,] [Rheme Two [and is based upon an assumption about myself] [that is also not the case.]] My heart can break, but I do not feel sorry.

6 Unitive: Universal Connectedness vs. 4th Qtr. 3.2 Outside View

I feel sorry… for everyone and for no one – [Rheme One [all of us suffer,] [and much of it is self-created…] [Rheme Two [yet none of us is ever really in danger at the level of the Absolute] [and there is potential good] [that can come from whatever we are experiencing right now]].

6 Unitive: Unitive Ability of Shifting Focus vs. 4th Qtr. 3.2 Outside View

[Rheme One [A good boss… Is someone] [who knows how to balance authority and freedom,] [who is able to embody and/or give voice to the deeper mission of the organization,]] [Rheme Two [while seeing it in the context of society,] [and can do this in service of a deeper Reality.]]