• The Discoursive 3.4 Higher Mind

    The Universal Location of Mind and Instrumental Relationships

„The psychic being can at first exercise only a concealed and partial and indirect action through the mind, the life and the body, since it is these parts of Nature that have to be developed as its instruments of self-expression, and it is long confined by their evolution.

Missioned to lead man in the Ignorance towards the light of the Divine Consciousness, it takes the essence of all experience in the Ignorance to form a nucleus of soul-growth in the nature; the rest it turns into material for the future growth of the instruments which it has to use until they are ready to be a luminous instrumentation of the Divine.

It is this secret psychic entity which is the true original Conscience in us deeper than the constructed and conventional conscience of the moralist, for it is this which points always towards Truth and Right and Beauty, towards Love and Harmony and all that is a divine possibility in us, and persists till these things become the major need of our nature.” Sri Aurobindo, The Life Divine

The above quote can be seen as the quintessence of the 3.4 Discoursive Higher Mind – a location that oftentimes when seen individually is our innermost heart where the essence of our soul resides and from where we operate with the instrument of inner moral law as truly enlightened beings capable of using our mental faculty, i.e., pure reason, that is simultaneously nurtured by a spontaneity which is the descending force of real spirit and its truth consciousness condensed into intuitions of the vaster and greater light and a swifter less vulnerable process of understanding reality.

Localization of the discoursive 3.4 Higher Mind

Up to date there exists no single empirical description that perfectly matches this stage. One might consider it to be embraced in part by Susanne Cook-Greuter`s description of the Unitive stage though much of what appears at this stage better fits into the description of Cook-Greuter`s Construct-Aware and the 5.5 Transpersonal Stage as depicted by O`Fallon as much as her 6.5 Illumined Stage, while parts of the second half, too, seemingly resemble aspects of her 6.0 Universal Stage.

Some authors here are difficult to be identified based only on their textuality: like in Jürgen Habermas` 2nd Volume of the Theory of Communicative Action one might have to read twenty to thirty pages to find expressions of that stage and even then they seem to be more schematically than authentically expressed; the same is true for Ken Wilber`s The Spectrum of Consciousness wherefore I had it assessed a stage earlier for a long time; since author`s like Immanuel Kant in Foundations for A Metaphysics of Morals or Johann Gottlieb Fichte in An Attempt at a Critique of All Revelation are much more generous in revealing this stage – overall it might be démodé to write complex and thus people might fly a little bit under the radar if socialized in an anti-intellectual or anti-complexity climate. Nevertheless, sentence completion tests from people at this stage are full of genuinely expressed 3.4 Higher Mind complexity and many authors are inventive in giving their highly complex and complicated sentences some sort of sub-structure that makes it easier to decipher and comprehend them before the next stage as the 1st of our 4th Layer, that of Spirit and truth Consciousness, in its reflection upon the earlier three layers of body, life, and mind returns to a, at first sight, less complicated but intriguingly more complex writing style.