• Healing Our Stairways to Divinity

    Some of My Fallacies & Solutions in Constructing a Developmental Stage Model

The method of truth knows the beginning to be incomplete, because it is a beginning; but at the same time, it knows this incompleteness to be a necessity, because truth only comes to be itself through the negativity of immediacy. The impatience that insists merely on getting beyond the beginning and finding itself immediately in the absolute, has before it as cognition nothing but the empty negative, the abstract infinite; in other words, a presumed absolute, that is presumed because it is not posited, not grasped.”  Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, The Science of Logic

Thirteen years ago, I started out onto my journey into understanding human development from a deep confusion that resulted from discovering Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership, and Change – I had to fight my inner resistance towards the idea that a trajectory of stages could exist. However, one day this doubt fed forward into an “abstract infinite”, a false truth, lacking real grasp of the reality behind these models and a real match with the territory. After an initial year of doubt and three years of mere desperation handling that dawning truth, I have spent ten years of navigating from that “abstract infinite” towards the desired universal truth behind – a path filled with the immediacy in form of negativity, the fallacies now disclosed in the following paper.

Now I am sure about having found plenty on the final truth about the development of consciousness – some days I think more than anyone before – but still there is no end in sight and the work only begins. Whatever you find here is not meant to be exhaustive, but I addressed only the headers that came up within the first ten minutes of thinking about my past errors. It was more of an exercise since I felt that it was time to consolidate on my own shortcomings and take a pause to breath some self-reflection – so, you find what I was capable of writing down within a 12-hour break. The following sections start of with the more spiritual dimensions and move downward into more mundane topics, before the final section concludes with somewhat moralistic considerations.